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Friday, 23 January 2015

Business Life Tips For Employees and Business Owners by Jenny Chisom

Discussing business and career in a singles-only group today, I shared these.

For Business Owners

I think we need to embrace technology to make our work easier.

Where we need cash, can we consider barter? Pay with ur products or services for a product or service you need.

Get volunteers to work for you, especially in areas of your work you feel confident to outsource.
I once had an American as volunteer staff because I asked and it was very profitable.

You can also get a voluntary pension plan to enable you save. Whatever you do, save and invest more this year.

Have a beyond-client-relationship with your clients. Get more personal with them, it works magic if you intend to retain them and get referrals.

My Tips for employees

Put in more than is asked, into your job -be almost indispensable.


Invest in starting a biz or join a network marketing biz

Plan an exit plan

Dont waste your time in a job you do not love or you do not have a passion/career path in.

Did these make sense? Please drop a comment.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Health Business should be motivated by Love:Meet Dr Malik Haruna Who Is Breaking Boundaries to bring Succour To Many

A few entrepreneurs inspire me and you can be sure of this medical doctor, Who I simply call Doctor Malik. In this interview I had with him, he bared his mind on what drives him and what he knows to do best especially as 2015 unfolds.

1. Please can we meet you?
My name is Dr. 'Malik Haruna King. I am a Nigerian Medical doctor, Sex therapist, Blogger, Podcaster, and Public speaker. I was trained in the Jos University Teaching Hospital and University of Jos. I live and practise my profession in Bauchi State (with the Bauchi State Hospital Management Board). I love God. And I am unmarried.
2. What is the unique thing you do and when did you start?

I am a practising medical doctor. I am an active blogger of one of the leading health blogs in Nigeria---Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. 'Malik), www.withdrmalik.org. I run my Health show---The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. 'Malik) Show. I am an entrepreneur and public speaker. I do rock music and play musical instruments (especially the acoustic guitars). I really can't recall when exactly I started. I had always wanted to be influential, to help people, to contribute to civilization, and to uplift humanity. Right from medical school, I purposed in my heart not to be a "regular medical doctor"; I had since then looked for ways to help people in unique ways.

3. What is your primary drive as a person? 
Love drives me. Love motivates me. I am very sensitive to people's needs and feelings. I love helping people and putting smiles on their faces. It gives me great pleasure. This is my drive. This is why I do what I do. I, sometimes, experience major challenges which would include getting the human, financial, and technological resources to carry out the dreams and vision that I have. And, sometimes, since people don't like change, I get opposition from other humans and established institutions. It could be discouraging, at times; but, it isn't a flood strong enough to quench the fires of love for people in me.

4. What would you advise other young people set for working their purpose?
Focus on your goal is indispensable. [The vision must be clear. The passion must be there. And you must always be working every day, in every way (be it little or much), to get to achieve your dreams-to bring what is in your head to your hands.] Personal development and positive living. Learning who to work with and how to work with other people is very important. Time management-making out time for important things...and know what to ignore, delegate, outsource, and combine. Listen to your heart. Use your head. Work with your hand. Let love lead.

5. What is on your burner for 2015 and onwards?
This year will be more of planning for me. However, from the 3rd of January this year, I started my own weekly health show-The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. 'Malik) Show-which, within the year will develop to include video episodes and productions. I will be collaborating with others to help reach out to meet people's health needs, and I will be accepting more invitations to speak in health seminars, workshops, and conferences. I will use the year to clarify and brainstorm on my ideas.

6. What is your offering?
If you have any health or health-related question, need, fears, or concern... contact me. It is free!
Wow! Free...Thanks for that.
Dr. 'Malik Haruna King
BBM: 7F559CE8

Jenny Chisom

Thursday, 15 January 2015


1. Offline and Online Integration Take-Off
Over the years, click and mortar has been in clear competition with brick and mortar stores but all of that is about to change...  The era of offline and online integration is at hand and it is vital to provide the best buyer experience.

2.      #EAT2015
 E-commerce firms must be flexible and adapt to satisfy the needs of empowered cyber consumer.  Social monitoring, more customer feedback channels and constant trend watching are a few of the tools necessary to understand this consumer.

3.      Marketplace Crowned King
SMEs are seeking innovative ways to grow their business and the online marketplace will be the platform of choice due to the cost and marketing advantages.

4.      Delivery and Fulfillment Centers to run 24/7
With growing confidence in e-commerce consumers' demands are bound to spiral in 2015 resulting in need for delivery and fulfillment centers to work round the clock.

5.      Rise Of Smarter Tech Solutions
2015 will see smarter tech solutions and empowerment technologies to satisfy consumers sophisticated demands.

6.      Increased Investment In E-commerce
Rapid growth in the commerce sector is hard to ignore and business veterans won't be able resist. In 2015, expect an influx of capital and increased financial allocation to the e-commerce sector.

7.      Cross Sector Partnerships
E-commerce firms will ride on the back of seemingly unrelated corporate and government giants for stronger alliances that will make you wonder what one has to do with the other.

8.      M-commerce to Drive Online Shopping
Desktops are so 2000andlate! M-commerce is expected to grow by 25% driven by the mobile internet penetration.

9.      E-commerce will fire the dreams and Aspirations of Youths and Middle Class
Gone are the days when young ones wanted to be doctors and lawyers. Nigerian youths are so business inclined and are constantly seeking for the next big break in e-commerce.

10.  Online Sales To Triple
Globally retail trade accounts for 27% of GDP; e-commerce is projected to account for 10% of global retail by 2015. With online purchasing power and personalized shopping, online sales are bound to double this year across all fields.

StarQuest Winner, Toni Ephraim goes Gospel; Releases New Single "Fall In Love"

Former StarQuest Winner Goes Gospel, Toni Ephraim popularly known as "Biggy", leader of the winning Band of the 2008 edition of starquest has just broken the silence with a drift to the Gospel music industry,with the release of his 1st Single "Fall In Love Again"(produced by SB-).   

In this smash hit,Toni blesses us with the rich and powerful texture of his vocal prowess,a very rare quality that distinguishes Him from the rest.

Click on the link below and enjoy the season with "Fall In Love Again" and don't forget to send this as a Newyear gift to your friends and loved ones(Powered By "HEAVEN'S GATE MEDIA").                           https://t.co/Hp3870Ixdm

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ifeanyi Aniagoh Wins Presidential Bid at Society for Peace and Mutual Coexistence

The sky is the starting point for any focused and rightly aspiring youth.

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh was declared the winner
of the Presidential Election of Society for Peace and Mutual Coexistence
(SPMC), an internationally recognized group of young volunteers who have
vowed to feel, see and live peace.

The contest which held online for over 19 hours in a group of over 8,000
members (within and outside Nigeria) produced Ifeanyi Aniagoh as the 3rd
President of the Peace Ambassadors of SPMC.

A young man who recently got recognized as the fastest growing blogger (
www.ifeadinmesi.blogspot.com) from the South Eastern Nigeria. Ifeanyi
Aniagoh is an engineering graduate of the prestigious University of
Nigeria, a rotarian and a social media guru.

Continue reading to see his short but striking thank you message to his fellow Peace

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Why My Own New Year Does Not Start In January

In my church last year,on the eve of the new year,after the shout of the annual ritualistic "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and the congregation started congratulating one another, my pastor, Deji Onileowo,received a call on his mobile phone to come and attend to one of the church members who had been sick at home. I chose to accompany the pastor to the home of the sick member. On getting there at about 12:50 am,the health condition of the member had so worsened that we had to rush her to the emergency unit of the state teaching hospital. On getting to the hospital,the gory sights of patients inside the emergency ward made me doubt if there was anything new about the year to those patients at the verge of life and death. I had ever since had a critical view of every first day of the month of January which is celebrated by all and sundry as the beginning of new year.

    In line with the general and regular Gregorian/ christian calendar, every new year starts on the first day in the month of January. Whenever a period of twelve months streams away,the general ritualistic mentality that characterises the periods that follow is coloured by a glamorous sense of  a "new year". However it might send a cold wave of shock down your spine if you hear me claim that based on experiences and observations, I have developed a personal system in which my own "new year" does not necessarily have to start in January.

    Do not be surprised. What accounts for this exceptional case is that even though I follow the regular calendar just like you do to calculate days,weeks and months in years,I don't base my celebration of a "new year" on the every January rituals and rites, rather I rejoice and celebrate my own "new year" round all the days,weeks and months in the year. To me,every new day in a year is worth celebrations. Particularly,my celebration is at the top gear whenever I accomplish a goal that I have set for myself! And that could happen at anytime or month of the year and not necessarily in December or on the first day in January.

   This presupposes I don't see any necessity in a celebration that is premised on mere sensational outburst of emotions all over everyone everywhere just because another twelve months just passed by without a record of achievement of a goal that I have set. You might want to argue with me that doesn't the fact that God has spared my life and that of my family throughout the year call for celebration and thanksgiving? I am sorry; that argument remains defeat with the fact that I don't wait till after every twelve month before I praise God for His Grace and Protection over my life and that of my family. I do that almost every hour of the days of the year.

    As far as I am concerned,all days of the months of every year are equal. There is nothing unique about December that you have to incure debt in the name of Xmas or New year celebration. It might interest you to hear that some do borrow money for spending during xmas and new year only to use half of the year to pay back,while some are indebted just because they want to show that they are financially better and more comfortable than their neighbours. In the spirit of Yuletide festivities,I know of so many guys take their girlfriends out to eateries and party lounges to squander a larger percentage,if not all their savings throughout the year. This is why they remained frustrated and disillusioned throughout another year.

   While I don't naturally and absolutely frown at celebrating on every 1st day of  January as the beginning of a new year,it has to be noted that the 1st day in January should not become so ritualistic for you that it becomes  the only period of the year that you and your family are happy. I know about  so many families that have premised their happiness on the December/January axis and therefore must do all what it takes,including incuring debts, in order to make the Yuletide a memorable one. Their natural happiness is at the top gear every December while the rest of the year is looked down upon as ordinary period. Any other periods of happiness apart from December is artificial to them.

   The first day of January,even though it portends a great significance in our socio-cultural life, should be celebrated only for few minutes with all modesty and moderation, while setting  goals and targets to be met in the new year. However this is not to say that January must be the only time of the year to set goals for yourself. Do not leave major happiness of your  entire life at the mercy of sensational outburst of emotions that characterise the Yuletide and end of year festivities.

Rather learn to set goals and realise them. Let serving and worshipping God,fulfilment of purpose, touching lives, affecting your generation,helping the poor,being generous to your fellow humans all similar issues be the motive for your happiness and celebration. There is no need to celebrate the end of a year during which you refused to set goals let alone realising them.

(John Osadeyi,Director,RRDC)

All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce without an express permission from RRDC.
 Contact: johnosadeyi@gmail.com.

Friday, 19 December 2014



SOLUCHI OGUGUA was born into a family of musicians with her father Sir. Humphrey Nwokolobia-Agu being the composer of the famous 'Things Fall Apart' soundtrack and many other renditions of the sort, her brother OBIWON is one of the most sought after Nigerian artiste.

SOLUCHY (as she is fondly called) is a psalmist of no mean repute. She is fondly known as the 'Baroness of Worship'. She carries a strong anointing and has ushered many into the inner sanctums of the presence of God.

Her journey into music started early at the age of 11 and she wrote her first complete song at the age of 18. A graduate of Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), with a Masters Degree in Human Resources from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, she became a singing sensation right from her university days where she ministered in various fellowships and also held the post of Music Director for her school fellowship at the time.

She has since then served as Music & Worship Director in various Churches and currently serves in this capacity at House on the Rock, The Refuge, Abuja where she ministers with the choir and as a Psalmist.

Beyond being a worship leader, she is also a Songwriter and is working on her first album that will capture her soulful and jazz feel as she ushers in the presence with her sultry voice. Her E.P. titled 'A New Sound' is a foretaste of songs from the forthcoming album, songs tastefully crafted to reach the innermost parts of your soul, with its quality, depth and lyrics.

Off stage, she is a loving wife, an ardent blogger, a Counselor, an HR consultant and has a passion for capacity building and empowerment. She is very playful, outspoken and a fun person, but altogether an unrepentant Jesus Lover!

When asked who she is, she likes to answer 'I am just a worshipper.